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Elza Orlova

My name is Elsa Orlova, I am glad to welcome you to my website. I am a practicing specialist of permanent makeup for more than 6 years, as well as a coach and judge of competitions. My name is known in many countries among permanent makeup artists. In addition to permanent makeup, I worked as a makeup artist, eyebrow artist and lashmaker. During my school years I studied at an art school, for a long time my work was related to paints and color, so I can use all my previous experience in my work.


I taught students from around the world, including Germany, Italy, Israel, Russia and the United States. Also became the winner of numerous championships.


In my work, I use hardware methods of permanent makeup and have knowledge in coloristics and the ability to understand the anatomy of faces. I never stop there and continue to learn and gain new knowledge. My mission is to instill confidence in my clients and help them feel beautiful. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and I listen to each client individually to recommend the best results.


Make an appointment and wake up beautiful every day!


Rewards and Achievements

For over 13 years, Orlova Elsa has been involved
in the beauty industry and have won numerous international
permanent makeup championships

Co-organizer and judge of the WULOP USA Semifinal

2021 year
2021 year

Speaker of the PMU Beautiful Minds Italy online conference

Judge of the online championship BEAUTY DORÉ AWARDS

2020 year
2020 year

Master of the show of the Glamour Festival conference Milan, Italy

Judge of the Permanent Style Championship in Milan, Italy

2020 year
2019 year

Judge of the Lash&Brow Championship Minsk Belarus

Award "Excellent Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Technique" Point PRO Russia

2019 year
2019 year

Bronze medallist of the championship of healed works. Nomination "Healed permanent eyebrow makeup" Kiev, Ukraine

Gold medallist “permanent lip makeup” Beauty boom Germany, Bad Hersfeld

2018 year
2018 year

Bronze medallist “permanent eyebrow makeup” Beauty boom Germany, Bad Hersfeld

Special prize of the APPM Championship of Belarus, Minsk

2018 year
2018 year

Gold medallist of Brow art “Creative eyebrow design”



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